The Specter Moose of Maine

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The specter moose.
Often considered as a 'bad omen'.

Now available as a 12" x 18" print - signed in silver and delivered to your door in a protective black tube.

This image is also featured on the cover of David Weatherly's book: 'Monsters of the Pine Tree State: Cryptids & Legends of Maine' With a foreword by Loren Coleman.

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More about the moose...
First seen in 1891, near Lobster lake, in the state of Maine by a hunting guide. Seen twice again shortly after.... Once in which the animal had been shot at by a hunter who fired at it. The slugs reportedly had no effect and bounced off, resulting in the Specter Moose charging him.
The following year, a sportsman named Howard Van Ness, from New York, was out hunting when he claims he shot the moose. He described it as weighing a ton, being as tall as a camel, with magnificent antlers.
The moose had yet again not been affected by the gunshots and charged at Van Ness!

The beast appeared again in 1885, sighted by a taxidermist. The moose was seen yet again in 1899, where a man by the name of Gilman Brown saw the legendary creature; and counted 22 points on each antler!
(A regular moose only has between eight and twelve points on it's antlers).


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