SANTA CLAWS 12" x 17" Signed Print

$25.00 USD

The Merry Macabre world of Mister Sam Shearon's Creepy Christmas, is now available as a set of signed prints measuring 12" x 17"

The Santa Claws... the dark twin brother of Santa Claus.

Much like the Krampus... he's out seeking those who've been badly behaved.
He's not looking for cookies and milk... his house visits are to eat naughty children!

Instead of a jolly ..."Ho, Ho, Ho"... you can hear Claws groan with an ..."oh, ohh, ohhh"...

He'll snatch you up with his claws, reaching down the chimney with his long crooked talons... his soot stained suit and hands are burned from the fires lit by worried children, children who know they've been bad... But fire doesn't stop the dark sibling of Father Christmas. This ol' chap devours everything in his way, including smoldering or even burning logs from a fire place, no matter how big you stoke it!

He especially enjoys those who do not believe in the Christmas spirit... he gets a thrill from their adrenaline flavoured sweat as they realize it's all true! Yes, seeing is believing...but of course, by then it's much too late... if you're on the naughty list as a non-believer, you're his midnight snack!

Be good for goodness sake!

Print measures 12" x 17" signed.
Delivered in a black tube.

*Be sure to check out there rest of the store for other prints in this series and also the sets of all Creepy Christmas designs as GREETING CARDS!

All of these will be available until December 5th to be shipped in good time for Christmas (within the US).
PLEASE NOTE: Any purchase after this date cannot be guaranteed a delivery before Christmas!


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