Rabid Rudolph 12" X 17" Print

$25.00 USD

The Merry Macabre world of Mister Sam Shearon's Creepy Christmas, is now available as a set of signed prints measuring 12" x 17"

Poor old Rudolph...
This old work-beast and 'children's entertainment reindeer' got the shock of his life when bitten by an angrily disturbed rabid bat that should have been hibernating!

In a panic, old Rudolph became tangled in a mixture of Christmas decorations and coloured lights... In a monstrous, zombie-like state, this frenzied beast cannot feel pain... cannot see very well and certainly cannot stop drooling...
His electrified brain has given him a steaming hulk of a twisted body.

Wandering somewhere between life and death, the 'Cujo of Caribou' is seemingly unstoppable... and of course, now being fully rabid, the wetter he gets from the melting snow, the angrier and more unstable he becomes!
If you see him coming towards you... RUN!!!

Print measures 12" x 17" signed.
Available until Dec 5th 2020!
Delivered in a black tube.

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