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CANCER... the crab.
Cancer is said to be the house of Neptune and the exaltation of Jupiter, both astronomical bodies over those born under Cancer.
Its ruling planet is the Moon.
If you look at the moon with a crab in mind, you'll see his largest claw on our right pointing down.

"Cancer" is an ancient word of Indo-European origin, derived from a root meaning "to scratch." In ancient Egypt, the sign of Cancer was conceived as a scarab beetle, while in Mesopotamia it was represented by a turtle.
In each case, the animal representative of the sign was perceived as "pushing" the sun across the heavens, initiating the summer solstice.

HORRORSCOPES - The Dark Zodiac' series.
Available now as a print measuring 12" x 17" approx.
Signed in silver ink and delivered in a reinforced black tube -
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